Shuk Menu - Shuk

Israeli Breakfast
2 eggs of your choice (fried,
scrambled or (60/60), Israeli salad,
olives, labne, hummus, butter, jam,
avocado,tahini, granola w’
yoghurt(v, gf +2)

Fruit toast(v)
fig & walnut Sourdough toast w’ ricotta
peach, pistachios, honey & basil
(optional coconut feta ve)

almond & hazelnut, dry figs, seasonal
fruits & natural yoghurt
(coconut yoghurt +3 ve)

Teff pancake(v, gf)
ricotta, sweet dukkah, maple,
mix berry & banana + bacon 4.5

Shuk Bakery sourdough (v)
option of butter w‘ jam/ peanut butter/
vegemite or date & tahini (gf bread + 2)

2 Eggs your way (v)
fried, scrambled or 60/60
w’ grilled sourdough
(gf bread + 2)

çılbır bagel(v)
labne, avocado, scrambled egg
slow roasted cherry tomatoes,
chives, dukkah, aleppo pepper
& tumeric dressing (option of gf +2)
+ bacon, sujuk 4.5 + salmon 6

Zucchini & sweet corn fritters (v)
salsa roja, baby capsicum,
goat curd & coriander
+extra egg 3 or 2 eggs 6
+ avocado, bacon, sujuk ,chorizo 4.5ea
+cured salmon 6

Fresh fruit salad
Tropical fruit salad,
yoghurt +2

Shakshuka (v,df)
our classic shakshuka w
capsicum, tomato, onion, spices,
eggs olives & sourdough
+ chorizo, sujuk, halloumi, 4.5ea
kale 4.5 + lamb 6 +2 gf

Green shakshuka(v)
fennel, zucchini, kale, caramelised
onion, feta, eggs, spinach, cream,
olives & sourdough
+ chorizo, sujuk ,halloumi 4.5ea
+ lamb 6 +2 gf

Shuk-E-Bowl’ (ve optional)
cured salmon, black rice, lentils, cabbage
carrot, cucumber, spring onion, sesame
tahini & ginger soy dressing
+sweet potato croquets 6

Hummus w’ lamb (df)
8 hour slow cooked lamb, pickles,
olives & pita
slow cooked egg +3 gf +2

Hummus w‘ chickpeas(ve)
slow cooked chickpeas, herbs w
lemon, zhug, pickles, olives & pita
slow cooked egg +3 gf +2

Sabich bowl (v, df)
tahini, smoked eggplant, Israeli salad,
amba, broken falafel, pickled carrots,
radish, slow cooked egg,
grilled sourdough & herbs (gf+2)

All sandwiches are available on gluten free
bread, wholemeal, light rye & caraway
or multigrain +$2

The bacon & egg
rocket, aioli & zhug, served
on Israeli roll

Halloumi w‘ avocado
rocket, tomato, relish & green
tahini, served on seeded baguette (v)

Chicken schnitzel
iceberg lettuce,tomato
& aioli served on Israeli roll

Slow cooked lamb
tzatziki, onion caramelised in
pomegranate molasses & baby spinach
in a country pita

kids eggs scrambled/fried w’ toast 7
granola, yoghurt & fruit, (v) 8

schnitzel & chips 12
chips & tomato sauce 7
pasta (penne) napolitana 10 from 12pm

Porterhouse steak
Israeli Salad w’ feta, chats,
capsicum meshwiya & pickles

Daily Special
Please ask our staff

Slow braised Lentils (ve)
spiced eggplant, pine nuts, tahini
& pomegrante. Served w‘grilled sourdough
+2 gf + sujuk 4.5 + lamb 6

beef kofta, smokey eggplant, in a
hotdog bun cabbage, pickles
& amba aioli, w’ sweet potato chips

Moroccan roast chicken (gf, df)
in Shuk spices, w‘ apricots &
pumpkin on cauliflower couscous,
served in a hot pan

Ocean trout (gf, df)
grilled fennel, brocolini, burnt orange,
date miso reduction & hazelnuts

Hummus, roasted tomato,fresh tomato, labne,
ricotta, feta, tahini 3.5 ea

Israeli salad, goat cheese, halloumi, bacon, sujuk,
chorizo, avocado, mushrooms 4.5 ea

Falafel, smoked salmon, lamb, schnitzel 6 ea
Chips w’ tomato sauce or aioli 7

Sweet potato chips w’ tomato
sauce or aioli 8

The super green
kale, spinach, pear, cucumber,
celery, avocado, coconut water,
lemon, cinnamon & spirulina

coconut , tahini, dates, maca,
pink salt & vanilla

Midsummer mango

mango, avocado, cucumber,
lemon & tumeric

Banana almond
banana, almond milk, honey & cinnamon

Grilled halloumi (ve, gf)
shaved fennel, radish, peach,mix leaf, pepitas, sumac, leek
& honey vinaigrette

Summer salad (ve, gf)
carrots, cucumber, tomato, spanish
onion, fresh garden herbs & fetta
w’ lemon & olive oil dressing

The green house (ve, gf)
brocolini, avocado, green beans,
carrots, pickled cabbage, fresh herbs
& pistachio dukkah

Top your salad
halloumi 4.5ea
lamb, smoked salmon, schnitzel, falafel 6ea

All our breads and pastries are made inhouse by our team of artisan pastry
chefs and bakers Our sourdoughs are all made in a traditional methods that allows
slow fermentation and are hand made All items are baked fresh daily
from our bakery and can be enjoyed eat in or takeaway

Take Away Breads
Country loaf sourdough
Rye caraway sourdough
Multigrain sourdough
Wholemeal sourdough
Fruit & Nut sourdough
Israeli roll
Jerusalem style bagels
Seeded baguettes

Pastries, Sweets & Cakes
Banana bread
Almond croissant
Almond & chocolate croissant
Chocolate croissant
Cheese pocket

Danish berries/apricot
Apple turnover
Snail w’ sultanas or cinnamon
Donut jam/nutella

Date & walnut cookies
Jam cookie
Choc chip cookie
Dulce de leche coconut cake
Flourless Choc cake (gf)

Take Away Sandwiches
Bourekas cheese & spinach
Bourekas w’ chickpeas
Ham & cheese croissant
Bacon & egg sandwich
Salami & feta sandwich
Vegetarian sandwich
Ham & cheese sandwich
Chicken sandwich
Iced Drinks
Fresh Orange Juice
Homemade Lemonade
Fresh Young Coconut
Iced latte
Iced long black
Pomegrante Soda
Lemon lime bitters

Hot Drinks
Coffees sml/lrg
Add Soy/almond/double shot
Hot chocolate sml/lrg
$3.5 / 4
English breakfast
Earl grey
Green tea
Fresh mint
Lemon ginger
House blend Chai

Please inform your waiter if you have
any dietary requirements or allergies.

10% surcharge on public holidays
No split bills on weekends

Contact us to create a menu for your unique event.
For more information please call 0423 199 859